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the same way that a traditional mass
Brain is the command center of our body. Human body is controlled by brain. Complex network of nervous and neurons including spinal cord Kevin Shattenkirk Jersey , create nervous system. This nervous system controls each and every movement of human body.

Damaging brain can cause many difficult disorders. Not only memory even personality can affect if brain or nervous system get damaged. There are many reasons behind brain disorders. Several type of illness, genetics or traumatic injuries are some of the reasons cause brain disorders.

Now we will talk about the different types of brain disorders. This is a very vast category and depending upon the severity the impact varies on human body.

Brain Injuries: The most common cause of brain injury is traumatic situation. This can affect the entire brain including tissues, nerves or neurons. Basically due to brain injuries communication system between brain and entire body got affected. Few common example of traumatic brain injuries are concussions, stroke, clouting of blood Jori Lehtera Jersey , swelling etc. There are few symptoms we can observe in case of brain injuries like vomiting, numbness, memory loss, nausea.

Brain tumors: when abnormal cells form within our brain it causes the brain tumor. There are two main types of tumors: malignant or cancerous tumors and benign tumors. The reasons behind forming brain tumors are still mostly unknown. People at any age can be victim of this. There are few symptoms indicates the presence of tumor in our brain. Vomiting, nausea Joe Mullen Jersey , seizures, severe and often headache, problem in balancing or moving body parts, hearing speech or vision problem can be indication of brain tumor. Depending on size, stage and type of the tumor Jay Bouwmeester Jersey , the treatment depends. Radiation therapy, chemotherapy or surgery is the possible treatment in case of this medical situation.

There are other situations like neurodegenerative diseases can change human鈥檚 personality and destroy brain tissues and nerves.
It is better to understand the risk factor of brain disorder is always high. It can affect people at any age. In case of any abnormal symptoms, your neurological specialist can advise the right course of action. One can easily find a list of the best neurosurgeon in Howrah and its neighboring who can guide to get the best treatment at affordable cost.

This Article has been written by y Biswas who is a Neurosurgeon and has written a number of articles on Brain and spine surgeon in Kolkata and Howrah and provides fruitful information.
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Let鈥檚 face it, we all need a little bit of eroticism in our lives but sometimes in can be hard to come by.
Let鈥檚 face it, we all need a little bit of eroticism in our lives but sometimes in can be hard to come by. Without a little intimate human contact we tend to become depressed Jake Allen Jersey , worrisome, stressed out and generally unhappy. Very often this intimacy is difficult to find and maintain leading to a perpetual feeling of stress and unhappiness. Thankfully, there is a solution to this. Thought it may seem a bit inappropriate to some of our more puritanical instincts there is nothing wrong with the occasional erotic massage. A good massage of this nature can really help to melt away all that stress that we tend to carry when we go for too long without intimate human contact. In fact, the practice of working eroticism into a massage has existed for centuries. It was only within the last few hundred years that it became somewhat taboo in certain circles. However, this hasn鈥檛 stopped this practice from taking place and for good reason. People are always going to be willing to spend a little bit of money on an erotic massage because simply put Jaden Schwartz Jersey , it feels good. Relieve Stress Stress relief is one of the main benefits of erotic massage. Think about it, how many times have you been stressed out or feeling generally frazzled and then received some special attention from a partner or lover. Suddenly your stress has melted away, for the time being at least. That is the power of erotic massage. It can really help lift some of that stress off your back much the same way that a traditional massage can. However, with this manner of massage there is more tension to work out then just the tension found in your back. Erotic masseuses recognize this and know how to help you relax in the more enjoyable way possible. Those that have experienced a sensual massage know how much better they feel upon leaving and would certainly recommend it to a friend. Working eroticism into massage also provides for a certain level of intimacy, which we as humans require to be happy Doug Gilmour Jersey , healthy and well adjusted. Intimacy The feeling of intimate human touch is one that all persons require. Psychology tells us that human touch is essential for the development of children and that parents should hold their children during their formative years. As we age, the idea of human touch takes on another form, that of intimacy. Intimacy is also very important to mental well being and a good massage can provide this intimacy when it cannot be found through more traditional avenues. For those who may not be so stressed out but rather just want to feel a little bit of intimate physical touch, this type of massage is the way to go. While it will not completely take the place of sharing an intimate moment with a lover, erotic massage can definitely provide such much needed intimacy David Perron Jersey , stress relief and a few moments of joy to those who take advantage of these services. Directory of massage therapists that provide Sensual Massage, erotic massage and Tantra Massage in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco David Backes Jersey , San diego, Washington D.C, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami Colton Parayko Jersey , Miami Beach, Atlanta.

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